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As we believe that Education is the key to success for all nations, therefore to build an educated and highly skilled Bangladeshi one of our project is Share and Care Education trust. We have planned to establish highly equipped modern educational institution where student will not only learn but also achieve practical knowledge so that new graduate could finish their education with entrepreneurial abilities. 

 We are one of the partners of

1.The Just int’l School and College, Dhaka.

2.Modern Residential School & College, Feni.

Main aims of our Education project are:

1.  Turning the ongoing education programs into a successful education movement for the whole nation.

2.  Establishing a teacher training institute in order to bring more schools and colleges under our network and spread our education movement.

Our mottos are

1.       Offering world class education

2.       Imparting academic, moral and leadership excellences in our students.

3.       Establishing such an educational institution which will be a model for other institution

         Developing patriotic values, dynamism and farsighted leadership quality among

         the students.